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Economic Impact

Helping South Africa Thrive

Takealot Township Economy Initiative

Franchisees & Driver Partners

Takealot Marketplace

We unlock the potential of entrepreneurs. Through Takealot Marketplace third-party sellers get easy access to sell to over 3.4 million customers in a quick, simple and affordable manner.
In return, we’re able to offer an even wider selection of products to our customers.

Why Join Takealot Marketplace?


Through knowledge sharing and targeted investment, the Takealot Group ensures that as a proudly South African business, we are not only advancing ourselves but the communities and industries we serve too. A true African champion.

Our Communities

We’re proudly South African and the spirit of Ubuntu is engrained in our DNA. As we grow, we’ll continue to seek opportunities where we can support our communities’ and country’s biggest needs alongside our customers.

Sustainability Journey

We aim to create sustainable value by building technology products and innovative services that address consumer, societal and economic needs. Our focus on digital platforms helps to keep our environmental impact light while enabling newer, more innovative, and greener ways to serve people’s needs.

Our Approach

We endeavour to communicate our purpose, vision and values effectively and translate those in our activities, operations and engagement with all stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring our employees, business partners and communities are treated with dignity and respect. We strive to ensure that our products and services are produced in a way that respects internationally recognized human rights.

Our Planet

We’re determined to be more considerate of the environment within our operational decisions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and mitigate the effects of long-term changes on the Earth’s climate and the population. While some improvements have been made, our journey has only begun.

Extraordinary Minds Wanted

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